Yankee Pecan Lamp

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Yankee Pecan Lamp

Wood: Pecan
Other: Shell & Glass Yankee Candle shade
Dimensions: Measures approximately 9 1/2 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil and light polish with clear wax

Way back in the 1970's my dad planted pecan trees and a great war ensued between him and the squirrels over who was going to get the pecans. The furry little thieves won the war; we never got a single nut. Fast forward to Hurricane Irma and she flattened the trees forever ending the Great Squirrel War of the Back Yard.

This piece of pecan was oddly shaped and small so I thought I'd never find a use for it until I found this adorable shade. The shade is made by Yankee Candle and dated 2011. I think the white and mother of pearl shells bring out the light colors on the front of the lamp.

There are some chainsaw marks and live edge areas showing, as seen in the photos. There is also a crack and worm hole on the font. Neither affect the structural integrity of the lamp.

For use with candelabra style bulbs. Always use low wattage incandescent or LED bulbs. One LED bulb is included.