Assorted Woods Vases

Assorted Woods Vases

Picture #2
Wood: Pine
Finish: Wax
Wide Vase (pictured on left): 6 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches at the widest point
Narrow Vase (pictured on right): 7 inches tall by 4 inches at the widest point
Other: Contains fixed glass insert so it can hold water for flowers

Picture #4
Wood: Maple & Pecan
Finish: Bee's Wax & Mineral Oil
Dimensions: 7 1/4" tall by 3 1/4" at the widest point
Other: Contains removeable glass insert so it can hold water for flowers

Description Pictures #2 & #3 "Warehouse Wood Vases":
The wood for these vases came from a tire warehouse. Yes a tire warehouse. Several decades ago wood shelves were installed in the warehouse. Really they were just pine boards purchased from some local lumber yard. A couple of years ago the shelves were removed and the owners wanted rid of the wood. I love it when people have wood they no longer want. Yes please, I'll take that lumber off your hands.

The outside of the boards were weathered and grey like old barn wood. I was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful colors and grain patterns when I turned the wood.

Description Pictures #4 & #5 "A Little Bit Squirrely Vase":
The maple layers were once a cabinet door my dad rescued from the dump (thanks, Dad!) The dark layer is from a pecan tree Dad planted in our yard in 1974-ish. Sadly, Hurricane Irma wiped out the tree. Sadly, again, we never got a single pecan because the squirrels got to the nuts first. They didn't eat the nuts, they just picked them, nibbled on them and then threw them to the ground for Dad to find. There was an epic battle between Dad and the squirrels that is legendary to this day.

Any of these vases would pair nicely with a variety of short accessory, light or dark, wide or narrow. They are substantial enough to stand on their own and useful for holding live flowers. Because of the variation in color they will look good against either a dark or light background, or on light or dark wood such as an end table or mantle.