The Oh So Popular Plate

The Oh So Popular Plate

Wood: Poplar
Dimensions: Measures about 5 inches wide and stands about 1/2 an inch tall
Finish: High Friction Polish
Not For Use With Food

I love plates. I use them on my dining room table to layer up other items for display. Sometimes I layer plates and bowls and plates with more plates and then a bowl. Plates are a whole thing for me. Love me some plates.

These plate were part of a table top. Poplar comes in a variety of colors and is a joy to turn on the lathe.

These are small plates which makes them good for layering. I coated them lightly with high friction polish -- enough to be water resistant but not enough to shine.

There are 3 poplar plates which look almost the same. It is so hard to tell them apart in photos so I did not offer an option to pick a certain plate; this one is you get what you get.