Table-Table Pocket Dump Bowl

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Table-Table Pocket Dump Bowl

Wood: Pine and Poplar
Dimensions: Measures 9 1/2 inches across by 3 inches tall
Finish: High Gloss Acrylic

This bowl was made from parts of two different tables. One was pine (the top an bottom layers) and the other was poplar (the center layer).

As pocket dump bowls go this is a good size for someone who carries a wallet, pocket knife, keys, phone and just a bit more. The pine and poplar are soft woods which are somewhat prone to dents and scratches. If you're someone who chucks their stuff instead of placing it you might want to pick a harder wood for your dump bowl. However if you like the lived in look, chuck away because this is your bowl.

Incidetally, just because I call this a 'pocket dump bowl' doesn't mean it must be used for that purpose. Personally, I'd put tangerines in it.