Spalted Red Dot Vase

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Spalted Red Dot Vase

Wood: Norfolk Pine
Finish: Clear Wax
Other: Plastic Insert for Water
Dimensions: Measures 4 inches wide and stands 9 inches tall
For Indoor Use Only

I know a tree guy or two who save bits of trees for me. That's how I came by this Norfolk Pine. My guess is this piece is from a high section of the tree because it isn't very wide but still has the red knots all the way around. If you're not familiar with Norfolk pine, the red knots occur where the horizontal branches grow.

Notice the grain pattern on the front of the vase. It is circular with a hole in the middle. This hole was the center of the tree. The hold is open where you see it in the picture but it does not go thru to the bottom of the vase.

This vase fits nicely in almost any decor. Because of its variety of colors and its height it draws the eye to any place it occupies.

The plastic insert measures just a hair over 1/2 inch wide and 3 1/2 inches deep. That's just enough space for 3 average sized stems.