Shiplap Redwood Vase

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Shiplap Redwood Vase

Wood: Redwood
Dimensions: Measures 4 1/4 inches wide and stands 13 inches tall
Finish: Matte Acrylic
For Indoor Use Only

I made this vase by gluing together 7 pieces of redwood. It's redwood that previously lined the walls of a beach house in Pinellas County Florida. The side of the boards that faced out were painted a color I can only describe as 'aged'. My guess is it was originally a pale shade of cream. Regardless, it was a joy to push the boards thru the planer and see that aged pain disappear.

Even after passing repeatedly thru the planer the boards still retained a few great features that add character to the vase. There some nail holes and a few dents. In addition since the vase is made of many boards instead of one block, it has a unique layered look which shows off the variety of grain patterns and color variations.

The vase does not hold water but is perfect for twigs, silk flowers, feathers and other creative items. None of those are particularly necessary though, as it has enough personality to hold its own in any setting. The last photo shows how it blends nicely with existing decor, including both light and dark woods.