Roots Run Deep Succulent Garden

Roots Run Deep Succulent Garden

Wood: Oak Root
Dimensions: Vessel measures 4 1/2 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches wide at the base
Plant Height: Approximately 9 inclhes tall
Finish: Danish Oil & Polished with Clear Wax

We call this variety of tree Water Oak. Maybe that's its real name, maybe not. Regardless, the builder planted 3 of them in Dad's yard and they are all nearing the end of the life span. Water Oaks are not long lived trees. When this one fell over the roots were the ony wood I could rescue. Oak has a tendency to crack, as you can see by the photos.

This vessel shows wonderful variation of grain and is spaulted throughout. There is a crack right down the front and another on the bottom. Worm holes give it character. I turned the inside to a point so as to show off the grain pattern inside.

The vessel is "planted" with artificial succlents, secured in floral foam. The foam is topped with moss and and the whole thing can be removed from the vessel.