Rolled Top Norfolk Pine Bowl

Rolled Top Norfolk Pine Bowl

Wood: Norfolk Pine
Dimensions: Measures approx 3 3/4 inches tall and 8 inches across the bottom
Finish: Danish Oil and a light polish with Clear Wax

The name came from the shape of the top edge. It has a gentle outward roll that shows off the grain patterns on the inside edges and bottom.

Hurricane Irma leveled this tree. After the storm the owner cut it into reasonable sized logs and piled it nicely at the street for the city to haul away. Luckily I got there first. Did you know that Norfolk pine is an incredibly sappy tree? I had thick white sap everywhere! On me. On the truck. On the dolly. On the dog. It was insane.

Sometimes I decide to decorate the bottom. Not sure why. It's just something that happens. This bowl has some extra underside adornment.