Pointilism Shou-Sugi-Ban Christmas Tree

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Pointilism Shou-Sugi-Ban Christmas Tree

Wood: Pine
Dimensions: Measures 6 3/4 inches tall and 5 inches wide
For Indoor Use Only

The wood for this tree came from a friend of mine who makes pet food feeders. The circles of wood she passes to me are waste from the portion of the feeder that holds the food bowls. I glue the circles together and make Christmas Trees.

After I turned this tree on the lathe I burnt it with a torch to achieve the shou-sugi-ban effect. Then I painted between the grain lines a la pointilism style. The white dots create a mesmerizing pattern and it also makes the tree look snow covered.

The original grain from the wood is still visible, including knots and swirls. There is also texture between the grain lines where the softer wood burnt away.

This is a great piece for anyone that collects and displays Christmas trees. Or trees of any kind, for that matter. It has the traditional Christmas tree shape but it is a neutral enough accessory to use all year long.

It also pairs nicely with the Mandella style plates and Pointilism style vases.