Pink Plum Bud Vase

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Pink Plum Bud Vase

Wood: Plum Wood
Dimensions: Measures 3 inches at the widest point and stands 7 1/2 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil
Other: Plastic insert holds water
For Indoor Use Only

We have some friends whose parents have a plum tree in their yard. Hurricane Michael knocked several large branches off that tree. Plum wood is a lovely, almost pink but still kind of brown color. Maybe dark mauve is a better description.

This little vase has some great characteristice. There is some spalting on one side, a chainsaw dent and it holds water. The plastic insert for water is about 4 inches deep and it is narrow. This is definitely a bud vase. It will hold about 3 average size stems.

On one side, shown in the closeup, there are a couple verticle cracks. The wood is cured so those cracks are set the way they are but wood will sometimes continue to move long after it is cured. There is no danger of this crack opening completely, but I feel compelled to mention it because not everyone is ok with this type of rusticness.

Wood is like our skin; it is affected by forces such as humidity and altitude. In a humid climate like Florida the cracks in this vase are minimal. If it were to be taken to a dry climate the cracks could open up more. If it were taken to a tropical environment the wood would probably swell a tiny bit and close up those cracks.