Off Kilter Oak Plate

Off Kilter Oak Plate

Wood: Oak
Dimensions: Measures 8 1/2 inches wide and stands 3/4 of an inch tall
Finish: Brown Stain and Danish Oil
Not For Use With Food

I love plates. I use them on my dining room table to layer up other items for display. Sometimes I layer plates and bowls and plates with more plates and then a bowl. Plates are a whole thing for me. Love me some plates.

This plate started out life as large sheets of oak in a cabinet shop. The pieces I got were either unsuitable for cabinets or they were cut offs or something else made them unwanted bits of wood that I gladly rescued.

I set this plate on the lathe a little off kilter so it is wider on one side than the other. It kind of has a Salvador Dali feel. I think it give the plate character. Besides I'm from that part of Florida that has the Dali museum, so there's that influence.

If you like your decor somewhat quirky, this is your plate. The Salvador-Dali-Off-Kilter shape doesn't reach out and grab. It's subtle. It's the kind of thing that once you see it, you SEE it but until then it continues to draw your attention because its just different.