Oak Pallet Bowl

Oak Pallet Bowl

Wood: Oak
Dimensions: Measures 6 inches wide and stands 4 inches tall
Finish: Tung Oil
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food


In it's first life the wood for this bowl was a pallet.
Yes, a pallet.
And an ugly pallet at that.
But it was oak and oak is beautiful wood.
So I pulled apart the pallet (which is no easy task, regardless of what people on Pinterest say) and I put the planks thru the planer.

Once the planer shaved off the top layer of ew, beautiful grain patterns emerged. So I glued it all together and made this bowl.

It's a heavy, thick walled bowl useful for chucking full of change, keys or other pocket stuffs. It's also perfect for desk top use. It will hold pens, colored pencils and other office type supplies. Pens (such as Sharpie or Crayola markers) will stand up in it nicely but they will be more stable if you fill the bowl part way with rice, dried beans, marbles, sea glass or whatever fits your decor.

Since the wood was originally a pallet it was not cut square which means when I planed it and glued it together I was unable to eliminate some of the spaces between the boards. One can be seen on the bottom of the bowl. Otherwise the seams and mostly tight.