Norfolk Pineapple Vessel

Norfolk Pineapple Vessel

Wood: Norfolk Pine
Dimensions: Measures approx 7 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches at the widest point
Finish: Danish Oil

Hurricane Irma leveled this tree. After the storm the owner cut it into reasonable sized logs and piled it nicely at the street for the city to haul away. Luckily I got there first. Did you know that Norfolk pine is an incredibly sappy tree? I had thick white sap everywhere! On me. On the truck. On the dolly. On the dog. It was insane.

This particular piece gave me fits. As a result the opening is only about 3 inches deep. As I hollowed the middle a natural crack began to open so I thought it best to leave the inside shallow. This is a great piece to display feathers, sticks and other tall items that might have some weight to them or give it a spider plant and voila! It's a pineapple.

The wood had a natural void all the way thru the center of the tree, as you can see in the photos. Daylight doesn't exactly show thru, but you can see light if you press your little face up there and have a good look.

Norfolk pine is a soft wood and it is often mealy. It soaked up the Danish oil like cat litter on an oil spill. The oil darkened the wood and highlighted the spaulting that occurred as the stump rid itself of all that sap. I kid you not, it was like stalactites of sap oozing from under the bark.

(Greenery not included.)