Maple Table Bowl

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Maple Table Bowl

Wood: Maple
Finish: Mineral Oil & Bees Wax
3 3/4 inches tall by 7 inches across
For indoor use only

I call this a 'table bowl' because it was made from a maple table I rescued. In fact, I lifted it into the truck all by myself. (Very proud of that accomplishment, I am.) I hope anyone who saw me got a good laugh because I'm sure it was a ridiculous sight.

The rescued table was butcher block style, which gives the bowls a great range of colors. Medium to dark colored backgrounds will bring out the variation of colors in this maple bowl. It is large enough to hold keys, sunglasses, or an apple (2 if they're small apples).

Due to the mineral oil & bees wax finish there may be a very slight oily feel to the bowls which will disappear over time as the wood continues to age. If your bowl ever becomes dry looking it can be rubbed lightly with mineral oil or another clear, good quality furniture oil. Just be careful not to over oil.