Mandella Style Dropped Snowflake Plates

Mandella Style Dropped Snowflake Plates

Wood: Pine
Dimensions: Measures 7 inches wide and stands 1 1/2 inches tall
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food

Plates are a whole thing for me. Love me some plates. Especially these plates because they benefit from so many different techniques.

When I painted them I had home office, holiday and functionality in mind. With the shift to working from home I feel that minimalism and multi-function in home accessories is important . It helps prevent homelife from looking like worklife. Who wants an office looking office space in their home?

I turned these plates on the lathe and then burn them with a torch to achieve the shou-sugi-ban effect. The last tehnique is pointilism style painting. The timeless snowflake pattern is appropriate for both holiday and winter decorating. I call these plates "dropped snowflake" because the flakes are placed randomnly as if they had dropped from the sky.

Originally the wood was part of a very heavy table someone had made and discarded. It looked as if they were going for a farm house style dinning table, totally didn't achieve that look, so they wanted rid of it. The look was more of a workbench that had been nicely stained and too heavily shellaced. It was good quality wood and I used every piece of it for one thing or another.

Ordering Note:
The dropped pattern on each plate is different.
The snowflakes are more spread out on the darker plate. (Order "Dark Plate")
The snowflakes are more bunched up on the stripped plate. (Order "Stripped Plate).