Lighter Knot Vase

Lighter Knot Vase

Wood: Lighter Knot Pine
Dimensions: Measures 5 inches wide and stands 8 1/4 inches tall
Finish: Clear Wax
For Indoor Use Only


Originally this vase was an oversized fence post on a ranch outside Myakka, FL. The fence was long gone but crooked and fallen posts remained. My husband and I had a long conversation debating the age of the wood. His guestimate is about 100 years based on his knowledge of the ranch in question and lighter knot in general. I argued that wood rots faster than that and blah blah and something else. In retrospect I think he's probably right but let's keep that between us.

When a pine is felled while it's alive the sap hangs out in the tree with nothing to do. Over time....lots of seeps deep into the grain of the wood and turn it a distinctive shade of orange. In Florida we call it lighter knot because it burns well. Handy for camp fires. It goes by other names in different southern states; fat wood, pine knot, lighter'd and heart pine to name a few.

The hole in this vase is about 6 inches deep and it does not hold water but it is perfect for sticks, feathers and artificial plants. Because it is heavy, another characteristic of lighter knot, it will support taller sticks, etc. It could easily be used as a door stop. That's how heavy it is.

This vase, like the lighter knot bowl also in the shop, screams old Florida. If your a nostalgic Forida native, a fan of Florida history or if the beautiful shades of orange compliment your decor this vase is for you.

Fun fact: on one side there are the remenants of 2 holes. Those are nail holes. I removed the ancient nails, which was no easy task. It must've been a big farm boy who hammered them in that there wood.