Lighter Knot Bowl

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Lighter Knot Bowl

Wood: Ancient Florida Pine
Dimensions: Measures approx 5 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches across at the widest point
Finish: Danish Oil

This bowl screams old time Florida. The grain is distinctive, the finish is soft and the natural cracks that occur as the wood dries are prominent features.

When a pine is felled while it's alive the sap hangs out in the tree with nothing to do. Over time....lots of seeps deep into the grain of the wood and turn it a distinctive shade of orange. In Florida we call it lighter knot because it burns well. Handy for camp fires. It goes by other names in different southern states; fat wood, pine knot, lighter'd and heart pine to name a few.

When I found the tree that became this bowl the outside was weathered grey and the ax marks were clearly visible. This was no small tree, cutting it down with an ax either took all day or a big man. According to Popular Mechanics, Stihl patented two-person chainsaws in 1926. That gives some idea of how long the tree was laying around with the sap working its orangy magic. I prefer a chainsaw, the Ryobi rechargeable type, but that's me.

Oh, did I mention this is a heavy bowl? That's another characteristic of lighter knot. It's weighty.