Kapok Belly Bowl

Kapok Belly Bowl

Wood: Kapok (most likely)
Dimensions: Measures 9 inches wide and stands 4 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food

Hurricanes frighten me. I've lived in Florida all my life so you'd think I'd be used to hurricane season, but the fact is I'd rather deal with palmetto bugs than hurricanes.

HOWEVER, hurricanes are good to me in terms of wood for turning. After Hurricane Irma I roamed the streets salvaging usable wood. A tree company pointed me in the direction of this wood. The arborist said it was Kapok and the ashy orange color seems to confirm that conclusion.

If I sound unsure, it's because of the way in which I located the wood. My driving directions went something like this, "when you get off the highway go 2 blocks and turn left at the blue house. You'll see a leaning willow tree and several piles of oak logs. Across the street are big logs with leafy branches piled on top. That's the Kapok."

I call this a belly bowl because the sides curve out. I turned this bowl end grain because the logs were cut in small sections. As it turns out that was the best way to go. The inside of the bowl shows interesting grain and aging features. It seems the tree was nearing the end of its life cycle before the hurricane came along.

This is a heavy duty, useful bowl. It could easily be a pocket dump bowl or display a collection of treasures. It's unusual color easily makes it the feature piece in home decor display.