Fat Bottom Plywood Bowl

Fat Bottom Plywood Bowl

Wood: High Grade Plywood
Dimensions: Measures approx 4 3/4 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches at the widest point
Finish: Shellac outside and Waterproofing inside
For Inside Use Only

This plywood was rescued from a job site. It was the cut off ends from some project. It must've been an important project because this is good plywood. The higher the grade the fewer voids and imperfections. They also use better slices of wood. Nothing scraped up off the work room floor here.

I coated the inside with Flexseal. Why? Well I was thinking a cactus or succulent would look nice in this bowl (no over watering, please). But its also a nice feature for keeping utensils from falling over.

Now if you're thinking of this for kitchen gadgets like wisks and such, I'll warn you that tall items will fall out. This is a mid-size gadget hickamajig. There is little risk of tipping as the bottom is flat and wide -- hence the name, Fat Botttom Bowl. (No Freddy Mercury reference intended.)