Edison Bulb Taper Lamps (Set of 2) (gallery)

Edison Bulb Taper Lamps (Set of 2) (gallery)

Wood: Ebonized Oak
Other: Edison-style incandescent candelabra bulbs
Dimensions: Measures approximately 13 inches tall without the bulb & 6 1/2 inches at the widest point on the base
Finish: Clear Acrylic

As a little girl Edison was my hero. I still remember where his biography was shelved in the children's section of the public library. I wanted to be an inventor in the worst way. My parents made the long drive across the state more than once so I could visit his laboratory.

Since these lamps are handmade, and I am not a fan of production work, their height and width vary slightly. Precise measurements make things look machine made and they take the fun out of art. When placed side by side the lamps look like a pair and their differences are minimal.

For both lamps the tall, taper potions were once the top edge of a church pew. A Presbyterian church purchased new pews and were generous with their old pews. The base of the lamps came from a cabinet shop. The pieces were leftovers not large enough to be useful. Each base is 3 pieces of oak glued together.

Even though the oak came from different sources it all ebonized to almost the same color and it all had similar grain patterns. The clear acrylic makes the color pop and gaves the set a formal look while the Edison-style bulbs creates a versitle, timeless look. The brown cords are approximately 6 feet long with the on/off switch on the cord up close to the lamp.

For use with candelabra style bulbs. Always use low wattage incandescent or LED bulbs. Two incandescent bulbs are included.