Drunken Worm Bowl

Drunken Worm Bowl

Wood: Alder
Dimensions: Measures 5 3/4 inches wide and stands 3 1/2 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food

Word gets around that I rescue broken furniture and orphaned logs. Sometimes bits of wood will pass from one person to another before they end up with me. That's how I ended up with this piece of Alder. I turned it so that the tree's rings show nicely in the bottom of the bowl and the worm holes on the outside.

I call this piece "drunken" because of the way I applied the finish. The alder soaked in a bucket of Danish Oil for about a week. During that time the finish soaked deep into the fibers of the wood making the color richer than a finish applied only to the top. After all that soaking it takes at least another week, sometimes as much as a month, for the piece to dry.

Wood is like our skin; it is affected by forces such as humidity and altitude. The small cracks on the bottom of the bowl (seein in the last photo) were present on the log before turning, they didn't open up after. In a humid climate like Florida the cracks in the bowl are minimal. If it were to be taken to a dry climate the cracks could open up more. If it were taken to a tropical environment the wood may swell a tiny bit and close up those cracks.