Drunken Friends

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Drunken Friends

Wood: Spalted Beach
Bowl Measures 4 1/2 inches wide and stands 2 1/2 inches tall
Vessel Measures 5 inches wide and stands 4 1/2 inches tall
Finish: Danish OIl
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food


I call this set "drunken" because of the way I applied the finish. The pieces soaked in a bucket of Danish Oil for about a week. During that time the finish soaked deep into the fibers of the wood. Wood that has soaked ends up with different colors and texture than wood that has had the finish applied only to the top. The effect is slightly translucent and the colors are rich. After all that soaking it takes at least another week, sometimes as much as a month, for the piece to dry.

Both pieces came from the same piece of wood. Friends brought it to me from their wood pile
When I mad ethem I had a home office, holiday and functionality in mind. With the shift to working from home I feel that minimalism and multi-function in home accessories is important . It helps prevent homelife from looking like worklife. Who wants an office looking office space in their home?

There you have it functunatlity and style all in one selt.

Wherher can you use this set in your home?