Drunken Fish Bowl

Drunken Fish Bowl

Wood: Aspen
Dimensions: Measures 7 inches wide and stands 5 inches tall
Finish: Danish OIl
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food

I think this particular bowl has the classic round fish bowl shape. I call it "drunken" because of the way I applied the finish. The bowl soaked in a bucket of Danish Oil for at least a week. During that time the finish soaked deep into the fibers of the wood.

Wood that has soaked ends up with different colors and texture than wood that has had the finish applied only to the top. Aspen is generally very light in color with the grain patterns hidden. Soaking in Danish Oil brings out all those lovely characteristics.
After all the soaking it takes at least another week, sometimes as much as a month, for the piece to dry. During that time there is a process of polishing and rotating. It's rather boring but it makes for a beautiful bowl.

Word gets around that I rescue broken furniture and orphaned logs. Sometimes bits of wood will pass from one person to another before they end up with me. That's how I ended up with a small pile of aspen.

This is a heavy bowl sturdy enough to hold substantial items like a rock collection. It also has enough character to stand on its own as a focal piece. I like groupings of accessories so I would pair it with items like a slender bud vase and a taller urn style vase.