Dolly Bowl

Dolly Bowl

Wood: Unknown Dark Wood
Dimensions: Measures 6 3/4 inches at the widest point and stands 2 1/4 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil and Espresso Stain
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food


I bought this wood at a garage sale. It was originally the stand for a doll and was covered in a thick, brown, generic furniture coating. I was pleasantly surprised to find beautiful brown wood underneath the finish.

The stripes visible on the top edge and bottom edge are dark because I rubbed dark stain into shallow grooves. The rest of the wood is simply finished with Danish Oil which didn't change the color much, it just made it look a little more velety and rich. I really enjoyed turning this piece. I even decorated the bottom. Why? Just because I can.

This is an unusual bowl, the shape could be called odd, but that makes it interesting. This is the perfect bowl to set in an awkward empty space or pair with other unusual decor items. Because of it's low profile it would not be good for hiding keys and such, but it is perfect for displaying a small quantity of small items.