Down the Rabbit Hole Bowl

Down the Rabbit Hole Bowl

Wood: Spalted Norfolk Pine
Dimensions: Measures approximately 4 1/4" tall by 5 1/2" inches at the widest point
Finish: Clear Wax

Hurricane Irma felled this Norfolk Pine, but it must have been unhealthy before Irma got to it. There was a void down the center of every branch and the trunk. Well, a bowl can't have a hole in the middle. Thanks to a fellow wood turner I stumbled upon just the thing to fix that hole -- a dowel. So I found the right sized dowel and filled the void. The last two photos show evidence of the dowel.

The bowl has a short pedestal so it sits up higher than a traditionally shaped bowl. Spalting gave it lovely variation in colors ranging from blonde to black. This is a great piece to stand on its own because it has so much character. On the other hand, I am a fan of grouping items. Happily the display dilema is not mine to resolve.

The wax finish on this bowl is matte as opposed to the high gloss shine typical of waxed items. The grain soaked up the wax like a sponge and refused to polish to a glossy shine. There are many, many coats of wax and there was much polishing. Even without the high gloss, the finish is soft and brings out the color variations in the wood.