Southwest Style Cedar Plate

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Southwest Style Cedar Plate

Wood: Western Cedar
Dimensions: Measures between 9 & 9 1/2 inches wide and stands about 1 3/4 inches tall
Finish: High Gloss Acrylic
Are For indoor Use Only, Not For Use with Food

There are 2 plates, one with a turquoise filled knot and one with double inlay lines (silver and turquoise). The latter plate is larger by about half an inch. The cedar for these plates came from cut offs left over from the construction of a child's swing set. The boards were narrow so I glued two together to make each plate.

Each plate has a lip so things won't roll off and there is a slight pedestal on the bottom so they stand up a tiny bit. The turquoise defineltly gives them a Southwest feel, but they would compliment other decor themes as well. The medium dark shade of wood looks night against either dark or light backgrounds. In a grouping they will pair nicely with tall items. They're also handy to hold corral sunglasses & keys, jewelry, shells , marbles .... whatever you've got that you want to display or keep contained.