Camphor Burl

Coming soon
Camphor Burl

Wood: Camphor
Dimensions: Measures 4 1/4 inches tall and has a diameter of 15 inches
Finish: Clear Wax
For Indoor Use Only


There grows a camphor tree in my in-law's yard. It's a sweet little tree that has been there for many years. Now and again a branch will die and I waste no time cutting it off and hauling it to the workshop.

The tree is both red and white. This particular piece of wood was the junction where two branches met.

The grain patterns and shades of red are beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. The shades of deep brownish red are striking in a way the magic of digital photography just doesn't understand.

When I started turning orbs I had home office and functionality in mind. With the shift to working from home I feel that minimalism and multi-function in home accessories is important .

Orbs are both frivilous and useful.
Frivilous in that they appear to do nothing but look pretty.
Useful in that they actually serve a purpose -- they camouflage your stuff.

I'll explain. Think about all the things that end up on your desk; papers, notes, pens, books and whatever else you have cluttering your desk.

Before you walk away from your desk you probably tidy it up. Stack up those files and papers and books and what knot. Looks neater, right? But does it look good?
Now set a beautiful orb on top of that stack of books and papers and it looks decorator. It's a trick of home improvement shows to use accessories to make the functional look appealing.

And no. It won't roll away. While the orb is indeed round, the bottom is flat.