Butcher Block Flight

Butcher Block Flight

Wood: Butcherblock and Aspen
Dimensions: Measures 12 inches long by 7 inches wide by 8 inches tall
Finish: Stain and Top Coat on the Vases, Butcher Block is Oiled

This Flight is perfect for an open floor plan kitchen, man cave or other casual space. It is the traditonal orange-brown butcher block color, as opposed to the blonde, which makes it complimentary to both light and dark woods. It does however, look more impressive against ligther colors.

All the materials are reclaimed. The butcher block cutting board came from an Estate sale. It is well worn and loved, showing knife cuts on the top and cracks along the edges where the blocks meet. The piece is solidly together, the cracks add character. The Aspen vases are stained to match.

I am particularly fond of this piece. The old butcher block is beautifully aged and the vases blend with that aged character perfectly.

Each vase is securely pegged and glued. The unit can be picked up by the vases, but I don't recommend as the butcher block is quite heavy. Happily there are little hand holds on the short sides of the block.

Shipping on this one is a little high because of its weight. That block is heavy. If you are local to the St. Petersburg, FL area please contact me via the contacts page to arrange pickup and save the cost of shipping.