Barrel Stave & Vases

Barrel Stave & Vases

Wood: Barrel Stave & Furniture Wood
Dimensions: The stave measures 23 inches from end to end and stands 7 1/2 inches at the tallest (center) vase
Finish: Ebonized furniture wood finished with clear wax

I found the barrel stave in a thrift store and it was covered in sticky, brown, shellac-type stuff. There were 5 holes drilled in it, each with a tea light candle melted into the hole. It looked like such a tremenous challenge that I couldn't leave the store without it.

Fast forward through a lot of paint stripper, even more rubber gloves, hours of scraping and scrubbing and a beautiful barrel stave emerged. It was so beautiful that I left it the natural color -- no finish on the stave.

In the scrap bucket were several pieces of table legs which became the vases. The wood for each is different, but when I ebonized them they each turned a similar color.......except one. The vase on the end with the lighter tones around the middle and top is stained with water-based black stain. It didn't ebonize the same color as the rest.

The vases do not hold water but are perfect for feathers, twigs, dried foliage, small candles and feathers or twigs. Yes, I like feathers and sticks. I placed the stave on dark wood for the photos, but it definitely makes a statement on light wood and really doesn't even need feathers or sticks. It's got enough character to stand on its own.