And Then There Were 3 Green Poplar Bowls (gallery)

And Then There Were 3 Green Poplar Bowls (gallery)

Wood: Poplar
Dimensions: Measures 7 inches wide and stands 1 3/4 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil and Bee's Wax
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food


I love me some Poplar. It's one of my favorite woods to work with. It grows in a variety of colors ranging from yellow to green to brown and don't even get me started on Rainbow Poplar.

Finding green Poplar is total happiness for me. Some years ago my Dad acquired a green Poplar board and stashed it in some far off corner of the garage. Fast forward a bunch of years and Dad found the board. He doesn't remember from whence it came, which is now unimportant. What is important is that I thoroughly enjoyed making it into bowls.

There are 4 green Poplar low bowls in total. Each is slightly different from the others but they compliment each other nicely. Each is also special enough to stand on its own.

The finish is just as special as the Poplar. I coated the plates generously with Danish Oil to bring out the beautiful variations in color. Once that dried thoroughly I applied bee's wax and buffed to a soft finish.

This bowl is perfect to show off a small collection of items or provide the backdrop for scattering other decor accents.